Branding people

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People work like brands do. If you don't hear about them, you'll never know "the brand" and furthermore what's around you. Word of mouth counts in marketing, and most people believe what they're told about the "benefits of the brand", before actually getting to know the "brand". We say we don't judge appearences, but we do, at first glance. We put "brands" in categories and rarely change them afterwards. First impressions influence the process of knowing eachother. They stir to a direction. How many people do you know that don't judge by first impressions? A few? Not so many? None? Yes, it's a process that could change over time but in my experience: how I've seen people is how I see them now, there were 2 or 3 cases in which I was wrong. Maybe it's about a lucky choice of people or "brands"? Karma? Destiny? How can you know, not knowing? How can you be sure if it is what you think it is?



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Asternem pe foaie momente si sentimente pentru a le vizualiza, palpa, simti, de cate ori avem nevoie. Pentru ca odata scrise, sunt reale si nu doar in mintea noastra. Un fel de memorandum al unui moment pe care il poti retrai doar citind. Si citesti povestea ta, de parca ar fi rupta dintr-un film. Peste ani si ani cu greu o sa iti mai aduci aminte si culmea e ca o sa ti se para mai placut si mai satisfacator sa-ti amintesti de un moment bun, cu incetinitorul, pentru ca atunci cand va ajunge informatia la neuronul potrivit, te va lovi din plin, ca o resuscitare.

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